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Glaus goes to Toronto, Batista returns to Arizona with Orlando Hudson along for the ride
2005-12-27 15:34
by Bob Timmermann
I could wait all day for this trade to become official, but I'm sick and I might fall asleep. But it looks the Blue Jays-Diamondbacks deal is all done except for the press conference.

As part of contract concessions, Glaus was excused from having to refer to Vernon Wells as a "centre fielder". Glaus is also allowed to go to the bathroom instead of the washroom.

Batista is expected to return to a starting pitcher role in Arizona. Hudson will move Craig Counsell from second base to shortstop. Chad Tracy moves over to third base and Shawn Green moves back to right field from center. Not that there is a center fielder at the moment for Arizona.
2005-12-27 16:56:27
1.   kylepetterson
But he still has to ask for a serviette whenever he goes out to eat.
2005-12-27 17:37:50
2.   Bob Timmermann
My 6-year old nephew uses that word too. Except he just speaks Spanish now.
2005-12-27 18:39:39
3.   Cliff Corcoran
Bummer. As an AL East watcher, I'm going to miss watching Hudson play defense.

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