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Would this be cricket?
2006-01-06 09:54
by Bob Timmermann

It's July 2008. The New York Yankees are facing the Boston Red Sox at the London Oval.

Alex Rodriguez steps up to the plate to face Josh Beckett. Beckett has baffled A-Rod before with a series of off-spins, but now in the seventh, Beckett needs to find a new pitch so he switches to the top-spinner. Rodriguez fouls off a few. Then Beckett tries a googly. But Rodriguez is waiting for it.

"It is high. It is deep. It is SIX!!!!!!!!!!!" John Sterling screams in to the microphone. Final score: Yankees 256-5, Red Sox 255-7.

By 2008 who will be the wicket-keepers for each side?

2006-01-06 10:38:11
1.   Peter
I'm all for exhibition games in foreign countries, but I really wish MLB would stop making teams play regular season games on different continents.

That said, a few years ago I spent a few months in London and it was weird watching baseball games on tv there. They don't have as many commercial breaks in Britain, so during each half inning/pitching change break, they would have a Canadian guy explain what just happened and an English guy try to translate what the Canadian guy said into something that Brits could understand. The most bizarre was using a soccer analogy in reference to a shadow tag.

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