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Five players reaching the point of no return
2006-01-07 13:28
by Bob Timmermann

There are five free agents who declined arbitration and have until Sunday to sign with their old team or be unable to sign with them again until May 1.

The fearsome five: Rich Aurilia, Eduardo Perez, Alex S. Gonzalez (the one who was on Tampa Bay), Jeff Weaver, and Pedro Astacio.

2006-01-07 14:50:05
1.   Bill Crain
Bob, the guys on DodgerThoughts are actually discussing songs on their favorite "Thrice" album; I'm speechless over there. You wanta talk about Blonde on Blonde, or why 'Positively 4th St' was only a single, maybe I could relate, but... What's a Thrice?

More to the point, tangentially anyway, (ie. Weaver): What's the deal with Jay Seo? Is it pronounced "Sew"? Reading BP and raw numbers, I would say there's some serious upside--coupled as usual with some residual TINSTAAPP questions. Could this guy be good? Could Duaner have topped out? Is there any chance that MrNed (or Logan White) are on to this like stink on UCLans? (Sorry, couldn't help it--SC, class of 73) No, really, is there any chance that this really means something? (Yeah, I know, they were smart to put Mike Ramsey in CF and send Mike Deveraux back to the Texas League 'cause they know more than the stats 'cause they know what they SEE.) So I'm skeptical. But you seem to have some insight into Retrosheet as language (Another James namedrop cliche) so what do you think. So far no one has written about this--at least no one to whom I would listen. (read?)

I'm glad your site is here, cause I wouldn't blow off like this in Jon's place and risk interrupting the flow of the regular rebukes. (By the time I got done writing this they would have moved on to Greenday or something) And by the way, Lute was outcoached today and if we had a post we would have handed him his hat. I noticed he leaned back from Floyd when they were shaking hands after, so as not to get sweat on his tie and sportcoat. Thanks for listening; I'll be back if you let me. Think Blue.

2006-01-07 15:27:33
2.   Cliff Corcoran
Didn't Perez sign with Cleveland? Is it just that the deal's not official yet?
2006-01-07 16:15:13
3.   Bob Timmermann
The Perez deal is not official I believe. He could still go Burnitz on us.

I've heard Seo pronounced like "sew", but I doubt I have it right.

I'm glad to be someone's "Shelter From the Storm."

2006-01-07 16:43:58
4.   Bill Crain
3 Whether you're rich or poor, your name is George or Billy, you gotta serve somebody. . . First of the week, I get back in the office, I'll see what I can dig up on "Song Song" or whomever. ("Omar, are you sure you really want this guy?") Later, BC.

(You may be livin in another country, under another name.}

2006-01-07 16:59:06
5.   Bob Timmermann
Asking a native Korean speaker, the Dodgers new pitcher's name is pronounced:

Sew - Jay - Ung

Which we will Americanize into Jay Sew.

2006-01-07 21:51:13
6.   Jon Weisman
1 Bill, a post like yours is welcome on my site anytime, believe me (though of course it worked plenty well here). As far as Thrice goes, I can only think of the Commodores: "You're once, twice, thrice a lady ..."
2006-01-08 22:28:35
7.   jason h
Hi guys, being a youth worker I know "Thrice" to be a great pot-metal band. But yeah, I too am curious of what you guys fore see for Mr. Weaver and his pitching future? Is he headed for Baltimore, KC or some other "fourth choice, end of the free agent option" options?
2006-01-08 22:30:29
8.   jason h
I meant "post"-metal. I have no knowledge they support marijuana like they do here in Canada.

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