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News that you likely could wait longer to read ... (UPDATED!!)
2006-01-08 19:09
by Bob Timmermann

The Rockies have signed Eli Marrero to a non-roster deal. And the Rockies are thinking of signing Luis Rivas too!

Ryan Freel was arrested for disorderly intoxication in Tampa, Florida. He told the police that his occupation was "unemployed." I think that may have been the alcohol talking there and not Freel commenting on his job status. Freel apparently got drunk as he can't contemplate living in a world where Tony Womack is his competition.

The Astros have reached a deal with lefty reliever Trever Miller. I got the rare treat of seeing one of Miller's two appearances with the Dodgers in person. I think the more amazing about the game was that F.P. Santangelo got a hit!

Update The people of Cincinnati can breathe easier. Rich Aurilia has been re-signed by the Reds. That's correct. More Rich Aurilia for the residents of the Queen City. The deadline for the four remaining free agents (Eduardo Perez, Alex Gonzalez of Tampa Bay, Jeff Weaver, and Pedro Astacio) draws nigh. It's at midnight ET. I'd set up a countdown clock, but somehow I think that would be overdoing it.

Update 2 Aurilia was the only player to re-sign.

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