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Trial of the Century starts and boy it's exciting
2006-01-10 09:37
by Bob Timmermann

Nothing is more compelling than reading about pretrial motions.

The witness lists were submitted. We could see Michael Eisner, Arte Moreno, or even Rex Hudler.

From the story:

Hudler, the Angels' irrepressible television analyst, said lawyers have asked him to explain how the team markets itself on broadcasts. He said Monday he would be excited to testify if needed.

"I'm excited about most everything, including taking out the garbage on Wednesday," he said. "I'd be thrilled to help the process any way I can."

When I was growing up, trash collection in my neighborhood was always on Wednesday too. But we had to take the cans out on Tuesday night because my parents and grandmother lived in dread fear that they would miss the trash truck. Apparently life as we know it would cease if we didn't get our trash picked up one week.

2006-01-10 10:09:51
1.   Jacob L
Trash disposal is at the very heart of civilization, my friend. Just look at your google ads.

Myself, I live 4 houses up a stairway from the street. I have to haul the cans down to the cul-de-sac at the bottom of the stairs, and line them up with all the neighbors. Getting the cans down on time AND retreiving them the next day before they either get stolen or get something dumped in them is a major, major focus of my attention.

2006-01-10 10:15:50
2.   Bob Timmermann
One of my brothers lives in a city where the trash collectors come to your yard and take the trash cans out for you and then return them for you.

That's the same kind of service the Springfield Sanitation Department had when Homer Simpson ran it.

2006-01-10 12:00:39
3.   Spaceman Spiff
My mother has your parents beat. She lives in Los Angeles. Her trash pickup day is Thursday. Residents are supposed to have the trash containers (trash, recycled, yard waste) out no earlier than Wednesday evening. Most everyone on the block puts out their trash in the afternoon.

But my mother is afraid cars will park on the street and block the street in front of the side gate (apartment dwellers at the end of the block often fill up the street parking).

So just in case there won't be any spaces open on Wednesday afternoon, she puts out the trash containers on Tuesday afternoon.

One of these days, I expect the trash containers will be vandalized or stolen.

2006-01-10 16:47:55
4.   Jacob L
(Sheepishly) By the way, Bob, what city is that. I might be looking to move.
2006-01-10 18:30:39
5.   Slikk
Please go away Angels.

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