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A rite of winter
2006-01-10 09:46
by Bob Timmermann

Right before the announcement to see if anyone was voted into Cooperstown, you can read the annual Pete Rose apologia.

From the story - Bob DuPuy, the president of Major League Baseball, says Rose's application remains on Selig's desk, but "he has not given any indication he is prepared to act on it."

Glad to know that Bud Selig and I both never clean up any stuff on our desks. Maybe Selig has my copy of the memo about cleaning up the lunch room.

2006-01-10 10:50:36
1.   jakepitler
Poor Petie! Sure his #s would get him into the Hall pronto, but the small detail of his criminal activities must prevent him from ever being inducted. This man is a sociopath.

I hated him as a player (as a Dodger fan, I can't remember Rose ever coming up and hitting anything, but a double) and even more as a pathetic lier, who blames others for his predicatment.

I remember once reading that Pete Rose boasted that he never read a book in his life. He is a moron, and though IQ doesn't mean anything baseball, it really showed me what kind of guy he is.

I wouldn't mind getting a mil/year for signing autographs. People complain when criminals make $$$ off of autobiographies written in prison. What's the difference?

Should this disgusting swine ever make it into the Hall, then Shoeless Joe must get in as well. If Rose ever gets in, I will be in Cooperstown booing his induction.

By the way, I cleaned off my desk yesterday. It feels great to know where everything is for a change.

2006-01-10 14:52:29
2.   Andrew Shimmin
Rose should be admitted to Cooperstown the day after he dies. He belongs there, he just doesn't deserve to see himself make it.

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