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These guys won't be going to Cooperstown
2006-01-10 14:33
by Bob Timmermann

The Tigers have added Matt Mantei to their bullpen. He's just 32. Mantei had 29 saves for Arizona in 2003, but has pitched just 37 innings the last two seasons for Arizona and Boston.

Apparently Toronto doesn't want Bengie Molina. But with Jason Phillips already being invited to spring training, it is unknown if the Blue Jays could afford to spend the time waiting for both Phillips and Molina to finish their wind sprints before either man could begin warming up pitchers.

And count John Smoltz out of the WBC also. But Andruw Jones is still going to play for the Netherlands. And Chris Reitsma still wants to pitch for Canada.

2006-01-10 14:56:13
1.   blue22
I don't understand this part from the Molina article:

"If the Blue Jays wanted to make a serious run for Molina, it seems likely that they would have to make an offer in the neighborhood of the one the Orioles gave free agent catcher Ramon Hernandez ($27.5 million over four years). "

I could see that being true a month ago, but the demand for catchers has all but dried up. I don't see anyone making an offer anywhere near that for Molina now.

2006-01-10 14:57:18
2.   Bob Timmermann
I guess we knew Bengie's lack of speed would hurt him....

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