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New nickels! Oh boy!
2006-01-12 11:44
by Bob Timmermann

TheU.S. Mint is releasing the new nickel today. Thomas Jefferson will be facing forward on these.

The U.S. Mint will sell you two rolls of nickels for $8.95. Even though two rolls of nickels are really only $4. You can also buy a bag of 500 nickels for $45.95, even though that's only $25 worth of nickels.

Or you can wait until you get one as change, which is free. But the nickel is the poor relation in the American coin hierarchy. Unless your local merchant has run out of dimes or quarters, you can never get more than one nickel back as change. No one ever has a "take a nickel, leave a nickel" tray.

2006-01-12 12:04:24
1.   Linkmeister
I was collecting the state quarters, but only when I got them as change. Then I got a new book to put them in, and it's fussy; it wants both mints' quarters before it's complete.

It's very unusual to find Philadelphia-minted quarters out here in Hawai'i.

2006-01-12 13:27:53
2.   Bob Timmermann
You can wait around for that Hawai'i quarter, but it's still a few years off.

I want the half-dollar to go back into circulation. That's a useful coin.

2006-01-12 14:32:42
3.   das411
I like this quote from the first article:

"The United States Mint expects to ship approximately a billion of the new five-cent coins (nickels) to the Nation's 12 Federal Reserve banks."

One BILLION nickels could get you two years of this:

1 - Oddly enough, I don't have any trouble finding P-coins at all :)

Bob, I think I've heard rumors about an upcoming set of half-dollars featuring every President, 4 or 5 per year much like the state quarters...correct me if I'm wrong?

2006-01-12 14:49:15
4.   Bob Timmermann
Every president? You mean there would be a Harding half dollar? A Nixon half dollar?

Boy, oh boy, can't wait for those. The William Henry Harrison coin would only be in circulation for a few days.

The government has hit upon a great idea when they realized that people like all these new coins. You can sell them for a huge markup and that doesn't even count the seigniorage.

2006-01-12 15:02:52
5.   das411
Actually it may have been for those dollar coins that nobody pays attention to.

Dunno about your theory though, notice how JFK has been on the half dollar for almost as long as he was alive.

But I agree it is a terrific idea overall, and depending on how quickly they run through the entire set there could be from 1 to 3 quarters of people who have not yet been elected!

...and after some Joe Biden-esque time killing, I have found the link:

2006-01-12 15:12:52
6.   Bob Timmermann
Being on a 1-dollar coin and being dead are synonymous in the U.S.
2006-01-12 15:29:30
7.   Marty
I'm guessing the Harrison coin will only be in circulation for 2 months.
2006-01-12 15:33:51
8.   Bob Timmermann
And will Grover Cleveland be on two different coins that will be circulated in nonconsecutive occassions?
2006-01-12 15:45:18
9.   kylepetterson
I'm holding out for the 3 cent coin. I heard it's gonna have a picture of (insert joke here) on it.

I've got nothin...

2006-01-12 17:45:51
10.   das411
8 - "`(B) Treatment of term of service-
`(i) In general- Subject to clause (ii), only 1 coin design shall be issued per order of service for any President, no matter how many consecutive terms of office the President served.
`(ii) Nonconsecutive terms- If a President has served during 2 or more nonconsecutive terms of service, a coin shall be issued under this subsection for each such nonconsecutive term of service"

So Bob...your answer is Cleveland 2, FDR 1.

2006-01-13 10:14:38
11.   Spaceman Spiff
Did you notice that former first ladies will also appear on gold bullion $10 coins? For bachelor James Buchanan, the coin will show "images of liberty and themes of the president's tenure."

I can't wait for the Dred Scott decision and the secession of Southern states to appear on our nation's currency.

Also, North Dakota's senate delgation objected to the new coins, since Sacagawea is considered a North Dakotan, so one-third of dollar coins minted will continue to be Sacagawea coins.

The AP story is at

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