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Thursday's wheelings and dealings
2006-01-12 18:33
by Bob Timmermann

A whirlwind of not very important activity.

  • Not a transaction, but the Red Sox are interested in acquiring Coco Crisp or Jeremy Reed. And Terry Francona apparently loves Alex Cora. I don't know if this devotion to Alex Cora is a cult or part of some sort form of mass hysteria.

  • The Reds are going back to the well for injured pitchers, this time signing Grant Balfour.

  • The Padres have given a minor-league deal to Alan Embree. This will be Embree's second tour with the Padres.

  • The Devil Rays are taking a flyer on Dan Miceli. Tampa Bay would be Miceli's 10th team.

  • Arizona finalized its deal with Terry Mulholland. Arizona would be Mulholland's 11th different team.

  • And the following players (that I could find) signed contracts to avoid going to arbitration: Julio Mateo, Mike Maroth, Brandon Inge, Matt Wise, and Bretty Brett Myers.

  • MLB is sending officials down to Cuba to work out "logistics" with the WBC. When I was in Havana, I'd always have Johnny Ola show me the good places to go.

2006-01-12 20:39:26
1.   das411
Bretty Myers will kick your @$$ if you call him that to his face Bob. Don't mess with a guy who can pull off both the South Philly goatee AND the Marlon Brando...-ahem- body type:

With a more consistant (read that as "full seasons of Ryan Howard and Chase Utley") offense behind him, it's not a stretch to predict Myers making a serious run at 18+ wins and emerging as one of the top SPs in the league. He actually had more starts, CGs, strikeouts, and innings last year than Roger the Great...just that minor detail of giving up twice as many earned runs.

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