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Um, say shouldn't you be richer? And not living in Indiana?
2006-01-13 15:45
by Bob Timmermann

An Indianapolis man was arrested for using Barry Bonds Social Security number fraudulently to obtain a credit card from Fifth Third Bank.

In an online application, Keys indicated he was Bonds and that he made $350,000 per year.

Bonds actually makes $18 million per year. The bank was suspicious of the application.

I can imagine that if the bank didn't catch this what would have happened if Bonds started opening up his credit card statements (I'm sure he does that on his own) and starts yelling, "Hey, who bought $10,000 worth of shoes at Payless? .... Oh wait, that was me. OK, who rented a movie at Blockbuster and didn't return it and stuck me with the restocking charge!"

Update - No truth to the rumor that the SSN used was 052-16-3983. That was Babe Ruth's SSN.

2006-01-12 21:45:11
1.   Scott Long
Love the Payless line. By the way, Will Carroll lives in Indy and did write a book about "The Juice", but I don't believe he had Barry's SS Number. Also, he doesn't resemble Bonds that much, but by 2007, after his year of supplements to improve himself, who knows?
2006-01-12 22:41:19
2.   Pseudonym
The best line:

"'We put in a lot of software to try to pick up red flags -- look for things that are out of line. For instance, we can tell if a Social Security (number) was issued before you were born,' Fifth Third Bank Vice President Dennis Hamilton said."

Bwahaha. The guy claiming to be Bonds is 22 years old.

2006-01-13 20:16:46
3.   willhite
Love the name of the bank. I'll bet Fourth Third Bank would never have caught this guy.
2006-01-13 21:04:52
4.   Bob Timmermann
The bank was a merger between the Fifth National Bank and the Third National Bank in Cincinnati.

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