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Changes afoot for the Devil Rays?
2006-01-15 13:32
by Bob Timmermann

Changes in the uniform colors and even the team name that is according to the St. Petersburg Times.

I guess changes can't be afoot for a real devil ray. Changes afin?

One suggestion is that the team become the Tampa Bay Tarpons but that's one typo from a really bad name for a team that could be in last place.

The story also details other changes for the Devil Rays. They want to replace free agent shortstop Alex Gonzalez with free agent shortstop Alex Gonzalez. That's if Julio Lugo gets traded and Kazuo Matsui isn't acquired, but that would be far less humorous.

2006-01-15 16:45:50
1.   Andrew Shimmin
Ned Colletti is a Tarpon typo.
2006-01-15 17:42:03
2.   Vishal
hahah tarpon. at least they don't want to be the tampa bay carp. now there's a typo for you.
2006-01-15 19:17:57
3.   Purple Hippopotamus
Kaz Ishii signed with a Japanese baseball team!

2006-01-15 21:39:26
4.   Xeifrank
My vote for name change is the Tampa Bay City Rollers. S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y ... NIGHT!
vr, Xei
2006-01-15 22:22:29
5.   Robert Daeley
God forbid somebody has "Devil" in their name. :P Thank goodness for the NJ Devils. Now if only they could get Miroslav Satan on their team, all would be right in the world. ;D
2006-01-15 23:42:34
6.   alex 7
Tampa Bay Citrus. Sounds fun :) Put a happy orange on the unis.

...waits for the "Tampa Bay Thanks Ned" idea.

2006-01-16 11:45:18
7.   Adam M
I think this article is misinformed: according to my source, when the Rays said they were going to change their name, they meant to "The Los Angeles Devil Rays of Anaheim."

Sorry, had to be said.

Just as long as it doesn't have the word "Dogs" or "Dawgs" or some variation in the name, it will be fine. Ladies and gentleman, your 2006 Tampa Bay Thunder Dogs!

2006-01-16 12:48:36
8.   Linkmeister
Equal time for veggies! "The Tampa Bay Turnips!"
2006-01-16 13:35:20
9.   Bob Timmermann
This is obviously the most comments about the Devil Rays that have ever appeared on Baseball Toaster if you include the "brief" Baez trade discussion on DT.
2006-01-16 14:57:24
10.   grandcosmo
If they want to keep the "Rays" they should go with the name they should have picked originally, Tampa Bay Stingrays.

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