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You can't please everyone
2006-01-18 10:21
by Bob Timmermann

So you've got to please yourself. Or so sayeth noted philosopher/song writer Ricky Nelson in his 1972 opus "Garden Party."

And so Alex Rodriguez has started to meet with reproach from people in the Dominican Republic (in English) or in Spanish.

Meanwhile, writers in the U.S., such as Greg Cote of the Miami Herald wonder why A-Rod spent so much time thinking about the issue.

I'm not sure why Rodriguez got so much grief agonizing about his decision when Manny Ramirez (who is a naturalized U.S. citizen) and Albert Pujols (who grew up in the U.S.) are playing for the Dominican Republic. But getting on Alex Rodriguez's case about just about anything has always been something of a cottage industry.

2006-01-18 13:00:15
1.   nickb
I couldn't care less who he plays for, but it was annoying seeing a pronouncement about it every other day.

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