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If it's 10 am in Indianapolis, then what time is it in Gary?
2006-01-19 09:26
by Bob Timmermann

Yes, Indiana has settled its daylight savings time problem. Eight counties will switch to Central Time (Starke, Pulaski, Daviess, Dubois, Knox, Martin, Perry and Pike) and the rest will be on Eastern time. And everybody will have to go on DST.

Here's how it used to be, or actually still is because the change won't happen until April 2, when DST kicks in.

The U.S. Department of Transportation's ruling (bet you didn't know that they were in charge of such matters did you?) will likely bring much grief to noted sports statistician Jeff Sagarin of Sagarin Ratings fame. Sagarin had been a passionate advocate of putting all of Indiana in the Central Time Zone.

Indiana will now be a slightly less confusing place to visit, although it still has the inherent problem of being Indiana.

2006-01-19 12:17:03
1.   Daniel Zappala
Gary, Indiana,
Gary Indiana,
Not Louisiana, Paris, France, New York, or Rome, but--
Gary, Indiana ...
2006-01-19 16:55:48
2.   Scott Long
As someone who has a home in Indiana, I resent your assertion and at the time, agree with to a large degree. This is just the schizo world we live in here in Indiana. Well, at least our time won't be so schizo anymore, but put me on the list of agreeing with Sagarin on the Central preference.

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