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Big and Young
2006-01-21 10:19
by Bob Timmermann

Although the news is a couple days old, I thought I would pass on the news that the Padres claimed first baseman/left tackle Walter Young off of waivers from Baltimore.

With the acquisition of Chris Young earlier, the Padres now have two players named Young on their team and combined they are 13 feet, 3 inches high and weigh a combined (listed) 582 pounds.

I, for one, welcome our new San Diego overlords...

2006-01-21 14:36:38
1.   das411
Oh, please tell me there will be pictures of these two together at some point!

Walter Young makes Tony Gwynn look skinny, and looking at their roster, the SDs also still have Eric Young who is listed at a whopping 5'9" and 185. Put him at 2B, Walter at 1B and Chris on the mound and it just might be the weirdest right side of an infield MLB has ever seen!

2006-01-21 16:33:17
2.   gracefan314
Just think if they were pitching to Dmitri Young in an interleague game.

"And here's the pitch from Young. Young smashes on the ground to the right side, it's fielded cleanly by Young and he tosses it over to Young for the out".

2006-01-21 20:08:06
3.   das411
2 - Or Delmon Young!! Do SD and TB play each other this year?

Hmm, I think I smell some Bob T research on the way...

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