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Jeff Reardon and the pain of a parent
2006-01-22 12:22
by Bob Timmermann

Carlos Frias of the Palm Beach Post has this look at the personal problems that had overwhelmed Jeff Reardon and most likely contributed to his bizarre behavior and his robbery of a jewelry store.

2006-01-22 17:23:29
1.   mountainmover
Jeff obviously thinks he's to blame and should be punished. It sounds like he did all he could, but that he still can't live with himself. He is truly a tortured soul. I hope he comes to grips with the situation - he won't go to prison, but the prison he's in (his own mind) is even worse!

Godspeed, Jeff!

2006-01-22 18:37:39
2.   Strike4
Every parent shudders in unspeakable horror at the thought of their child's death. Just today, someone said to me, in passing, that the fear of something is almost always worse than the actual event. I'm sure that's false in such a tragedy.
2006-01-22 19:02:06
3.   Bob Timmermann
It's hard to say whether or not the fear or the event is worse.

I was terrified all the time my mother was ill. I couldn't picture her being done. But she did pass away. Once that happened though, I tended to relax a bit, but it's still pretty awful.

Everybody has different ways of coping, but Jeff Reardon never found that way. I can only hope that he is getting effective help now.

2006-01-22 22:59:10
4.   Strike4
Here's hoping someone or something relieves Jeff, and earns a save bigger than any of Jeff's.

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