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Bonds batting second? Barry says "no"
2006-01-22 17:46
by Bob Timmermann

Felipe Alou had contemplated batting Barry Bonds second in the upcoming season. But apparently, he didn't run this past Bonds first. Oddly, Bonds was in the Dominican Republic for a golf tournament (while Alou was in San Francisco) and Bonds has nixed the idea.

In Bonds' career, he has four sacrifices. The last one was in 1998.

2006-01-22 20:43:33
1.   alex 7
Wish someone would have pressed Bonds for a reason beyond his "At this point in my career, it doesn't work for me" answer. What does that mean? And did Barry put ANY thought into the strategic side of the proposal?

I'm not suggesting it's a smart move. I haven't looked up the difference between the extra at-bats Bonds would get and the fewer number of batters on base he'd likely see, but that's why, unlike Bonds, I haven't ditched the idea.

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