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Bonds drops out of the WBC
2006-01-23 17:17
by Bob Timmermann

Time to get a new DH for Team USA as Barry Bonds has decided not to play in the WBC.

And Lance Berkman is having minor knee surgery, so the other candidate to be DH might sit this one out.

This might open up a slot for Chipper Jones, who was likely to not make the cut at third base after Alex Rodriguez checked his birth certificate to see where he was born.

2006-01-23 17:50:30
1.   das411
There goes my reason for watching.

I wonder if Barry saw Mike's post about where he should bat this season...

2006-01-23 18:33:32
2.   Bob Timmermann
Buck Martinez would have batted Bonds fourth. I would assume that A-Rod will bat third. Perhaps Damon leading off with Jeter and A-Rod to follow to start off the Yankee order with a trio of Yankees?
2006-01-23 21:10:40
3.   Adam B
C'mon? Where are the Barry just found out he'd have to pee in a cup comments?
2006-01-23 21:17:36
4.   Sam DC
I'm stunned to infer from your comment about Chipper that there are popular players who want to be on this team but don't necessarily have a slot. Anyone else I should know about?
2006-01-23 21:30:03
5.   Bob Timmermann
There are a bunch of good third basemen on the roster:

Eric Chavez, Morgan Ensberg, Alex Rodriguez, Chipper Jones.

Derek Jeter would likely start at short, but Jimmy Rollins and Michael Young are also on the roster.

The big U.S. advantage should be the bullpen: Billy Wagner, Brad Lidge, Huston Street, Chad Cordero, Brian Fuentes, Joe Nathan, Dan Wheeler, Mike Timlin.

That's a pretty good pool to draw from.

2006-01-23 22:02:57
6.   Adam B
Having 5 closers never hurt anyone, I'm told. Wagner, Lidge, Street, Cordero and Nathan are the best of that group. Fuentes might make it for the purpose of having a second lefty.
2006-01-23 22:12:42
7.   Bob Timmermann
The pitchers won't be able to throw many innings, so it could just be 3-5 innings of the starter and then it turns into the All-Star Game.
2006-01-24 08:41:30
8.   JJoeScott
Not surprisingly, we're weakest at 2B. I'd guess Michael Young starts there. And what about Griffey at DH?
2006-01-24 22:29:30
9.   popup
If anybody wants to elect me to be the next baseball commissioner, I would expand MLB to 32 teams, ditch the wildcard, interleague play and the division series. Each league would have two divisions (8 teams each) and play a 7 game LCS at the end of the year. The World Series would follow and then the WBC to conclude the baseball season no later than the end of October.

Stan from Tacoma

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