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Dean Chance, Cy Young Award winner, boxing official
2006-01-23 23:24
by Bob Timmermann

1964 Cy Young Award winner Dean Chance is profiled by Bernard Fernandez at

Chance is now the president of one of the myriad boxing organizations, The Internatinal Boxing Association. The IBA runs a distant fourth to the other boxing groups: the WBA, the IBF, and the WBC (the World Boxing Council not the World Baseball Classic.)

Chance also gave his opinions about the Baseball Hall of Fame and who should be in it:
"I like (Bruce) Sutter, who made it, but the guy this year who I really thought should have gone in over anybody was Bert Blyleven," Chance says. "My goodness, look at his innings, his strikeouts, his shutouts.

"And Tony Oliva (whose 15-year window of eligibility to be voted in by the Baseball Writers Assocation of America closed in 1996) should have been voted in years ago. Ask any righthander who ever pitched to Tony and he'll tell you that he was the best hitter they ever faced. He won three batting titles and he was a great competitor. And he was a pretty good outfielder, too, until his wheels started to go.

"There's no comparison between Tony and (Hall of Famer Carl) Yastrzemski, and I like Yaz. But come on. If Tony had had Rod Carew's legs, he might have been the best hitter that ever lived. He probably would have broken every record that ever was."

2006-01-24 05:19:03
1.   The Mick 536
Now that was worth reading. Baseball, boxing, and Bo Belinski.
2006-01-24 07:29:05
2.   Strike4
My first mitt in little league was a Dean Chance autographed model. As a lefty, there were only his and Sandy Koufax models available then. At first I was bummed that we couldn't afford the Sandy model, but I got attached to Dean as a result.

Debbie Reynolds once said, back in those days, there were only two straight guys in Hollywood. It looks like Mickey Rooney was one of them. I wonder who was the other? She must not have included singers like Sinatra. Must've been great pickings for the ballplayers in L.A. Gotta throw in FSN newsreaders into the Hollywood "desperate starlets" group too I guess.

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