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The Real World, Barry Bonds style
2006-01-26 21:12
by Bob Timmermann

Barry Bonds has been in negotations with in ESPN to have a reality show based on his 2006 season. While such a concept doesn't require a joke to embellish it, not everyone finds it humorous.

ESPN's ombudsman George Solomon says the plan "boggles the mind" and compares it to NBC having a weekly reality show about Donald Rumsfeld. Remember that ESPN is still planning to have reporter Pedro Gomez follow Bonds around all season, reporting on nothing but Barry Bonds.

Next month, ESPN will be airing a similar show about Texas Tech basketball coach Bob Knight.

I want to know who on the Giants will be the Puck-like character who will get kicked out of the house. (And I'm not referring to "A Midsummer's Night Dream".)

Thanks to deadteddy for the pointer.

2006-01-26 21:51:44
1.   das411
I'd watch it, so long as it isn't on opposite "Boston Legal" :)
2006-01-26 23:02:33
2.   Another Tom
Does SI still do their little blurb on Signs the Apocolyse is Here? If they do, I think I have a nomination.
2006-01-26 23:21:28
3.   Mark
Will they show quick cuts of Barry putting "the clear" into his eyeballs?

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