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And finally, Crisp goes to Boston
2006-01-27 20:02
by Bob Timmermann

After weeks of speculation and missteps, Coco Crisp has finally gone to Boston.

The final disposition of the big Boston-Cleveland-Philadelphia shuffle today.

New Red Sox:
Coco Crisp
David Riske
Josh Bard

New Indians:
Andy Marte
Kelly Shoppach
Guillermo Mota (who has apparently been miraculously healed)
Jason Michaels (Yea! I typed his name correctly!)
The Player to be Named Later

New Phillie:
Arthur Rhodes

I believe Guillermo Mota had to go through a similar process to this. Go for the gold, Guillermo!

Coco Crisp says he's at peace. I hope that helps him during his coming arbitration hearing.

2006-01-27 23:55:15
1.   Dingus
I hope he`s really as jovial as his name would suggest.
2006-01-28 13:38:52
2.   DXMachina
Heh. A friend and I went a Pawtucket Red Sox hot stove event today, where they had a couple of question and answer panels, one of them featuring the man who is now officially the happiest man in Pawtucket, Manny Delcarmen. It was held in the indoor batting cage, and there was this big stack of boxes and furniture on one side of the room that was handy both for my friend to use as a makeshift desk for taking notes, and for me to lean on. As the session ended, I wondered aloud about the furniture and stuff, and she pointed down at the boxes to show me that they were all labeled "Shoppach." And that's how I know that Kelly Shoppach owns an ironing board.

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