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But he doesn't address the problem of beach balls
2006-01-30 20:35
by Bob Timmermann

Gene Wojciechowski of tells the sports fans of America that buying a ticket doesn't give you license to be a jerk.

As someone who has spent much of my life attending sporting events at once the mellowest stadium on earth, Dodger Stadium, I can definitely tell you that the behavior of fans is plummeting faster than stock in Ford. (I couldn't find a cool chart for Livedoor.)

"People have a sense of, 'If I fork out that type of money, nobody should be able to tell me what to do,'" says Edward R. Hirt, an associate professor of psychology at Indiana University. "It's become, 'If I want to be a jerk, really boo, get on someone's case, I really have a right to do that.'"

But you don't. Cranking up the crudity just because you bought a sports ticket makes as much sense as putting a 10-spot in the collection plate, then berating the priest because you didn't like the homily.

"Hey, Father! You can call that a contemplative talk about the nature of piety! BOO! BOO! I've heard better homilies from a drunk on the corner! USA! USA! USA! USA! Barry sucks!"

2006-01-30 21:27:42
1.   das411
Rooting against Barry is unAmerican though. Just you people wait when he goes to the NYY to break 755...

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