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Buck O'Neil inspires some good field trips
2006-01-31 00:36
by Bob Timmermann

Mary Sanchez of the Kansas City Star writes about Buck O'Neil and his influence on the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. The museum and Kansas State University are developing a curriculum for high schools in the area to use about the Negro Leagues and to sponsor field trips to the museum.

Did I ever get to go on a field trip that interesting in school? No. I got to go to the William S. Hart Museum once. I went to Catholic school and lived about two miles away from this place and never went there. We never got taken here or here.

OK, we did go here a few times. And even here.

I'm still trying to suppress the memory of my 8th grade class being taken to see a "special" showing of this this "classic".

2006-01-31 07:44:34
1.   Sam DC
My elementary school took a field trip to the Top Ramen factory in or near Monterey Park. Good stuff.
2006-01-31 08:00:17
2.   Ken Arneson
I remember going to Oakland Fairyland in kindergarten. And to the Stanford Linear Accelerator in fourth or fifth grade.
2006-01-31 08:47:44
3.   Another Tom
Hart Museum sucks! Then again, I'm a Canyon HS grad - everything Hart sucks!

You never went to the Tarpits? My friend, as an 8-10 year old there is nothing cooler than the trip to the tarpits. I can still remember a sabertooth tiger statue stuck in the tar.

I live in AZ now, how is the LA Zoo these days? I heard it went downhill.

2006-01-31 10:23:11
4.   Bob Timmermann
I thought Top Ramen came from Gardena, but it looks like Nissin uses Gardena for Cup Noodles and Monterey Park for Top Ramen.

And it's just "Cup Noodles". Check the box sometime.

2006-01-31 14:58:56
5.   Icaros
Bob, you're out of college. It's time to leave Nissin food products behind.
2006-01-31 15:19:49
6.   Bob Timmermann
I've never once eaten Top Ramen or Cup Noodles.
2006-01-31 15:30:04
7.   Icaros
6 - Then you've obviously never bought two weeks worth of groceries for five dollars.
2006-01-31 19:26:55
8.   tjshere
I guess the Whittier School District in the 1960s really rocked. Except for the movie, I went to ALL the places you listed, although the mission was San Gabriel. In addition, I also went to Olvera Street, The Herald Examiner, Bell Brand Foods, Pellisier Dairy, Alta-Dena Dairy, Helms Bakery and some sort of botanical gardens in or near Pasadena. And those are just the trips I remember 40 years later. No wonder I'm such a bastion of culture. Yeah, right.

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