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Mustaches for everyone
2006-01-31 17:08
by Bob Timmermann

On the heels of a World Series where both managers sported mustaches, we are now headed toward the first Super Bowl where both coaches have mustaches.

Which mustache will win?

The understated blond mustache of Mike Holmgren? Or the defiant snarl of Bill Cowher?

2006-01-31 17:41:12
1.   overkill94
If mustaches are the good-luck charm, are goggles bad luck? With Phillips, Duaner, and Gagne on the Dodgers last year I think the excess plastic brought the ire of the gods. Luckily we're just back to the OG this year.
2006-01-31 22:36:13
2.   das411
Hmm, let's think back now...Pujols has one, pretty sure Barry does or at least used to, Jeff Kent definitely did in 2000, did Larry Jones in 1999?

Bob, we may need you to run a Mike-style chart on the correlation here!

2006-02-01 06:01:11
3.   Sliced Bread
Any coach or manager in professional sports can work the standard-issue Charles Bronson stash.

It requires extremely unique talent to pull off the Rollie Fingers handlebar.

It would require even greater commitment for a coach to attempt the Fu Manchu or the Yosemite Sam.

Is there coach who has the moustachioed bravery and wherewithal to steal the Chaplin back from Hitler?

2006-02-01 06:57:05
4.   Cliff Corcoran
I'm sorry, but just because Ozzie Guillen has hair on his upper lip does not make his goatee (or, more properly, his van dyke) a mustache.

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