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Decline of Western Civilization sign #3,476,357
2006-02-01 09:15
by Bob Timmermann

You can download ESPN SportsCenter commercials on to your iPOD. Originally iTunes was going to charge $1.99 to purchase the commercials, which seems to violate some social contract in my opinion.

Last night, my iPOD served up these three items in a row:
1) A Mongolian throat singer
2) Tommy Lasorda being asked about Dave Kingman's performance
3) Leadbelly sining "Goodnight, Irene"

2006-02-01 09:42:04
1.   Nick from Washington Heights
So you have Lasorda's Basement Tapes? Very rare collection that I've been looking all over for. By chance, does he really scream "Judas!" at Paul Depo at the beginning of one track.
2006-02-01 09:46:45
2.   murphy
no, but if you play track seven backwards, you can almost make out fernando valenzuela saying, "i ain't no quitter, so just acquit her". for serious!
2006-02-01 09:50:21
3.   Andrew Shimmin
Isn't all singing, by definition, throat singing? What else would it be? I guess you could call humming 'nose singing', to differentiate, but, really, why would you?

Have you got the bleep-ed Tommy or Tommy uncut?

2006-02-01 09:53:53
4.   Sliced Bread
Some of the Lasorda 'Basement Tapes' material is on 'The Very Best of Lasorda,' which is the only album in my iPOD.

I just outbid some guy on e-bay for the ESPN commercials. Sure, I could have downloaded them for free, but I'm shamefully addicted to bidding wars. $113 bucks was well worth it, right?

2006-02-01 10:06:22
5.   Cliff Corcoran
I've got some key Lasorda tracks courtesy of my co-host Mr. Belth via a comp called "Nick Bogas Presents Celebrities . . . At Their Worst!" (I only have the baseball tracks, which include the famous Lee Elia, an outstanding Earl Weaver and tons of Tommy).

"What do I think of his performance?!"

2006-02-01 10:30:19
6.   Bob Timmermann
I have an expurgated version. It was on some baseball music compilation CD.

As for "throat singing", I'm referring to the style where the singer creates two different tones. I've tried it in the shower, but I come out sounding like Barry Mcguire singing "Eve of Destruction".

2006-02-01 10:45:25
7.   For The Turnstiles
Those clips (Weaver, Lasorda, Elia) are all great, and you should be able to find them in mp3 form somewhere on the web.

The Weaver one always cracks me up. Excellent advice for anyone running a baseball team, or wondering when to put in their tomato plants. Does anyone know what the story was with that? Did it actually go out over the air?

2006-02-01 10:46:39
8.   Bob Timmermann
A coworker had a whole tape and played them for me. I find them very hard to sit through all in one sitting.
2006-02-01 11:14:27
9.   das411
I know you can find Elia's, and a couple others, at
2006-02-01 13:03:23
10.   Jesse
bob, is that the compilation with "baseball card lover?"

greatest... song... ever

by the way.

2006-02-01 13:44:35
11.   Bob Timmermann
I believe it is, but I bought a whole bunch at once.
2006-02-01 14:36:24
12.   Ali Nagib
I have a CD from a Mongolian throat singing group called Borte that I saw performing on the streets of Munich. Pretty cool stuff, actually.
2006-02-01 15:18:05
13.   Bob Timmermann
Mine is from a group called Uragashu.

I checked it out from the library.

Not a big waiting list for it.

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