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Bobby Valentine, still misunderstood despite being on a different continent
2006-02-01 15:28
by Bob Timmermann

Bobby Valentine, manager of the Chiba Lotte Marines, says he wasn't trying to rip departed free agent Lee Seong Yeop (or Seong Yeop Lee for our American readers.

"He's thinking about being a star, a megastar, and he's not going to be a star in this stadium," Valentine told The Hot Corner last week at Chiba Marine Stadium. "It's not going to happen." The Hot Corner is the name of the column linked here written by Jim Allen of the Daily Yomiuri.

Valentine has backtracked and he thinks that Lee will do well in the more comfortable Tokyo Dome, playing for the Yomiuri Giants. And I saw Lee play there and he ripped a shot to right field off of a sign with Shigeo Nagashima's face on it to win a million yen too.

2006-03-05 04:25:30
1.   coachjpark
Lee Seong Yeop proves clutch for Korea's team! Pilsung Korea!

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