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Caribbean Series starts Tuesday
2006-02-01 16:27
by Bob Timmermann

So are you in desperate need of a baseball fix? Well, tomorrow you can start taking in the Caribbean Series. Two games a day from Thursday through Tuesday.

Your viewing options are:

Various radio stations will also carry the games in cities such as New York and Miami.

Although the Venezuelan champs, Los Leones de Caracas, have the home country advantage, the Dominican Republic champion, Licey, has gotten a boost with Miguel Tejada joining the team for the tournament.

Bonus fact: The Spanish word for knuckleballer is "nudillista". Which is far less risque than it sounds since the word for "kunckle" is "nudillo".

2006-02-01 17:48:16
1.   Sam DC
When are you going to give us an orientation/run down on the Cuban WBC squad?

And when does the Random WBC callback feature start up?

2006-02-01 18:08:09
2.   Sam DC
And yes, having now clicked the link, I see that Cuba is not participating in this so-called "Caribbean" series.
2006-02-01 18:52:32
3.   Bob Timmermann
Cuba doesn't play in this one, anymore. But it's the 57th one, so I assume they played in one before.

Random WBC callback will have to wait...

2006-02-01 18:55:09
4.   Sam DC
Random WBC callforward?
2006-02-01 19:18:41
5.   Bob Timmermann
United States 16, South Africa 0 (6 innings, mercy rule)

Alex Rodriguez hit two home runs, including a grand slam, as the United States outgunned a South African squad filled with amateurs and low-level minor leaguers....

2006-02-01 22:31:05
6.   Andrew Shimmin
Hooray for Beisbol! Venezuela vs. Mexico starts at 9:30pm. I bet that's tape delayed, so I'd better watch out for Griddle spoilers. There's a day game (starting at noon) featuring Republica Dominican vs. Puerto Rico, but I won't be able to catch that one. Friday noon game is Mexico vs. DR, night (starting at 4pm) is Venezuela vs. Puerto Rico.

I speak no Spanish, but will be hoping for lots of French cognates. And stolen bases. 'Cuz nothing's beats an SB.

2006-02-01 23:10:39
7.   Bob Timmermann
Base robada

2006-02-02 09:41:58
8.   Andrew Shimmin
7- Sometimes I wonder if Bob is a spy (maybe from Japan; he seems to know quite a bit about Japanese baseball--curious) sent to destroy American productivity. Danys Baez is a relevista del medio. I hope Gagne doesn't get hurt, again, playing corre-corre, this spring. Hours of fun.
2006-02-02 11:02:35
9.   Bob Timmermann
I get Cuban websites sent to me in my Google news feed. They tell you the unvarnished truth!

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