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Private funding plan for D.C. Stadium falls apart
2006-02-01 20:53
by Bob Timmermann

For the, I don't know, 2051st time a deal to build a new stadium in Washington, D.C. has fallen apart.

A plan to use private funding from Deutsche Bank was given the kibosh by D.C. Chief Financial Officer Natwar M. Gandhi after the bank asked for a $5 million "fee".

The next plan is to use, as one would expect, public money to build the stadium. This should set off a political battle in Washington between Mayor Anthony Williams and City Councilwoman Linda Cropp, who is running for mayor.

2006-02-02 05:41:20
1.   Purple Hippopotamus
What a mess. I don't see how games at the new stadium would be any different from baseball played at RFK. Sure, RFK is dingy and falling apart, but a renovated RFK would mean expensive cosmetic improvements as opposed to, you know, building highways, metro stops, new underground piping for plumbing and electrical use, and--oh yeah--a new stadium. I don't mind games at RFK--it's already metro accesible and a new stadium won't do anything about that summer humidity. Hot damn!

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