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The lesser Hall of Fame
2006-02-04 13:20
by Bob Timmermann

While the BBWAA manages to barely get one player elected in to Cooperstown and lots of people complained about it, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, chose six players for Canton: Troy Aikman, Reggie White, Warren Moon, Harry Carson, John Madden, and Rayfield Wright. Here are summaries of their careers.

So while baseball fans argue about the value of a relief pitcher and his worthiness to be inducted into Cooperstown, football fans get to dispute whether or not Michael Irvin had too many drug arrests.

An earlier post on the Halls of Fame.

2006-02-04 14:22:57
1.   grandcosmo
What are the chances that Harry Carson will turn down his induction like he said he would?
2006-02-04 17:48:46
2.   Bruce Markusen
It's nice to see the Football Hall of Fame actually determined to put people in the Hall, while so many baseball voters seem to make their highest priority keeping qualified people out, such as Bert Blyleven, Goose Gossage, and Alan Trammell.

Of course, the football Hall wisely sets up the rules to guarantee inductions: a minimum of three must be elected, with a maximum of six allowed. And they always have qualified people on the ballot, so it's not like they're letting in mediocre players.

Even with the election of Aikman and Wright, there are still a lot of Cowboys from the 70s who have been unfairly kept out of Canton. (And I hated the Cowboys back then!) There's Drew Pearson, Cliff Harris, Waters, Bob Hayes, and I'm sure a few others that I'm missing.

And as a Giants fan, I'd like to place a vote for Phil Simms. Hopefully, he'll join Carson one of these years.

2006-02-04 20:55:40
3.   Bob Timmermann
I was a being a bit unfair about Michael Irvin and the Football Hall of Fame since drug issues are going to be big issues in the coming elections.

Canton has qualified candidates, but the voting is a lot more subjective than baseball's in my opinion.

I still think the Basketball Hall of Fame is an institution that has got the whole thing wrong. They have many qualified candidates and choose to induct college coaches ahead of great pro players.

2006-02-04 21:35:34
4.   das411
Don't worry Bob, when this year's class of NHL retirees becomes eligible you will be able to make all sorts of fun arguments.

Hell, one of them will already be IN the Hockey Hall of Fame when that class becomes eligible!

2006-02-04 21:53:05
5.   Bob Timmermann
The Hockey Hall of Fame isn't picky. I think even the most hardcore hockey fans could ID some of the members.

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