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Puerto Rico vs Venezuela - Caribbean Series - Final
2006-02-06 19:23
by Bob Timmermann

Follow the action here.

Venezuela is 4-0 in the Caribbean Series and Puerto Rico is 1-3 and was eliminated from any chance of victory with a win by the Dominican Republic team earlier in the day.

Tomorrow's Venezuela-Dominican Republic matchup could be the decisive game.

Update - Venezuela wins 5-1, thanks in part to a 2-run home run by Rafael Alavarez in the seventh. Puerto Rico gets just two hits, both by Ruben Gotay, one of them a home run. Puerto Rico also makes four errors.

So, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic square off Tuesday night. If Venezuela wins, they're the champions. If the Dominican Republc wins, the two teams play again Wednesday in a playoff.

2006-02-06 16:55:56
1.   FirstMohican
I posted this in Dodger Thoughts, but I guess it might be a little more appropriate here: according to's GameDay, Jose Valentin is playing centerfield for Puerto Rico. He's actually played CF in the majors a bit too. Wow.
2006-02-06 17:02:02
2.   Bob Timmermann
He was batting third for the first few games, but he's been dropped down to fifth.

I'm not sure if this is the team that Valentin owns part of. If so, that would explain his presence in the lineup.

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