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Mr. Bettman, the New Jersey State Police are on line two -- Update
2006-02-07 19:39
by Bob Timmermann

Sorry to wander off of baseball, but it's a slow news day, but this caught my eye.

The New Jersey state police have made two arrests in a nationwide gambling ring run a New Jersey state trooper and Phoenix Coyotes assistant coach Rick Tocchet. The report says about a dozen current NHL players participated in the gambling, which is reported to be mainly on football and baseball.

Update - The plot thickens as Janet Jones and Jeremy Roenick are being named as possible participants in the gambling ring as well.

2006-02-07 10:30:51
1.   Sliced Bread
Weird deal.
It reminds me of a perplexing question from my teenage years: why the hell did Springsteen name his first acoustic album "Nebraska "? The best songs are about Atlantic City and this one called "State Trooper":

New Jersey Turnpike, ridin' on a wet night 'neath the refinery's glow, out where the great black rivers flow.
License, registration, I ain't got none, but I got a clear conscience
'Bout the things that I done
Mister state trooper please don't stop me...

Maybe you got a kid, maybe you got a pretty wife, the only thing that I got's been botherin' me my whole life
Mister state trooper please don't stop me

In the wee wee hours your mind gets hazy, radio relay towers lead me to my baby,
Radio's jammed up with talk show stations
It's just talk, talk, talk till you lose your patience
Mister state trooper please don't stop me

Hey somebody out there, listen to my last prayer
Hi ho silver-o deliver me from nowhere

2006-02-07 10:42:20
2.   Bob Timmermann
But "Nebraska" was the first song on the record, so why bother going further?

Of course the song "Nebraska" is as much about that state as the movie "Fargo" is about that city.

2006-02-07 10:51:52
3.   Sam DC
Bizarre -- I had actually considered commenting today on DT about a funny conversation I had with my son in the car on the way to school this morning. I had Nebraska on and we were listening to "Highway Patrolman" and he asked what it was about. "Uh, brothers." "What about brothers?" Anyhow, I tried to explain and the whole thing devolved into whether it was good or bad to let your brother go. I had no good answer to that and, overall, the whole thing started to seem like a big mistake.

Listeing to Nebraska with a 5 year old is probably a mistake regardless, I would say.

2006-02-07 12:39:51
4.   Bob Timmermann
I was driving along and I saw a sign that read "Canadian Border 5 miles from here".

Which is really weird when you live in California.

2006-02-07 12:52:07
5.   Sliced Bread
Sure it didn't say "Canadian Boredom?" which seems to be everywhere these days.
2006-02-07 13:59:23
6.   das411
Wow, it was not that long ago that nobody in their right mind would ever mess with Rick Tocchet.

Maybe that's how this whole thing started..."I'll bet you $10 Tocchet could take a slap shot off his face and nobody would notice", etc etc

2006-02-07 20:16:49
7.   das411
YES!!!! Hahahaha, Roenick also?? This is too good!
2006-02-07 22:02:28
8.   Bob Timmermann
I add the info about Roenick just for you!

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