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My Monday nights in the fall are free now
2006-02-08 09:50
by Bob Timmermann

Well, after the World Series is over that is.

But ESPN announced today that its Monday Night Football crew will be Mike Tirico, Joe Theismann and Tony Kornheiser (which likely means that Al Michaels is headed to NBC.)

Mike Tirico is in a word ... awful.

Joe Theismann transcends awful.
"I was talking to (insert team name and assistant coach) this week and he said that (insert name of player) would have a big game this week." Repeat that for nearly four hours.

And I'm in a minority here I know, but Tony Kornheiser's act got old back in 1996 and he pretty much exists not to edify the readers or viewers of his TV show, but to tell you how funny he is. And did anyone watch Listen Up?

2006-02-08 10:03:27
1.   grandcosmo
ESPN hates sports fans.
2006-02-08 11:08:33
2.   Knuckles

9-10pm- watch 24

10pm- check MNF score

10pm-12:30am- if game is good, watch MNF with volume off, Ipod cranking thru stereo. tune AM radio to game at midnight if close.

I'm a transplanted Jersey guy in DC, and lemme tell ya, it didn't take too long to get sick of both Tony and Joe when I moved down here. I guess ESPN wanted to make absolutely sure that the move to cable would completely destroy MNF.

2006-02-08 12:39:13
3.   Another Tom
I lived in DC for 3 years for law school and listened to Tony everyday before his ESPN days. He's ok. But he's so pretentious and such a blowhard. The best thing he ever did was knocking callers off the air immediately if they opened their call with, "how are you" "how's it goin'" or any of those other stupid opening lines that we now have put in every conversation.

But as an announcer?!? I hate ESPN. I always thought that they not only ignored the the country west of the Hudson - they purposely tried to antagonize it. Now I know they do.

2006-02-08 12:43:39
4.   grandcosmo
One good thing about Kornheiser's radio show was that he would refuse to have players on the show for interviews because they invariably had nothing to say. That was a good idea that I wish others would pick up on.

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