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Washington: Epicenter of all baseball news
2006-02-08 21:06
by Bob Timmermann

The Nationals are wooing Sammy Sosa and have signed Matthew Lecroy.

Meanwhile, the DC Council approved a lease for a new stadium for the Nationals, but the lords of MLB are skeptical about it.

Richard Levin, an MLB spokesman, said baseball officials had not received a copy of the emergency legislation passed by the D.C. Council shortly after midnight yesterday and sought to review the document before endorsing the deal. The council conditionally approved the lease provided that baseball officials accept a spending cap on District funds of $611 million

"We are very concerned about what we heard during the debate, and we need to read the materials and the legislative language so we can determine whether they are consistent with the agreements between Major League Baseball and the city," Levin said in a written statement.

2006-02-08 21:42:05
1.   D4P
Is Wooing Sosa similar to Courting Disaster?

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