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Krivsky continues scrounging for spare parts for the Reds
2006-02-12 11:09
by Bob Timmermann

New Cincinnati GM Wayne Krivsky, starting his job long after the major free agents have been signed, has added Scott Hatteberg to back up Adam Dunn at first base.

Since taking over, Krivsky has signed Timo Perez and pitcher Michael Gosling, and also fired interim GM Tim Kullman and special advisor Jim Beattie, who was reported to be getting the GM job fulltime. Beattie was also a candidate to replace Theo Epstein in Boston and Esptein was replaced by Esptein.

I hope that the next time I want to get a promotion at work that they make Jim Beattie the interim replacement. Then I know I'll get it!

Also a Cincinnati Enquirer interview with Krivsky.

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