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The Dream Team - added info
2006-02-14 22:25
by Bob Timmermann

The U.S. has finalized its roster for the World Baseball Classic.

It's not exactly Magic Johnson and Larry Bird like, but it's got a good infield if you ignore the fact that the only true second baseman is Chase Utley.

The bullpen figures to be the U.S. strength: Chad Cordero, Brian Fuentes, Todd Jones, Brad Lidge, Joe Nathan, Scot Shields, Huston Street, Mike Timlin, Billy Wagner and Dan Wheeler.

Jeff Francouer made the final roster and is the team's youngest player at 22. Roger Clemens is the oldest at age 43. Ken Griffey is the oldest position player at age 36. The youngest pitcher is Huston Street is who also 22 (but a few months older than Francouer).

The Yankees have the most participants on the U.S. roster with three (Jeter, Rodriguez, and Damon). Washington, Colorado, Houston, Boston, the Cubs, Atlanta, and Texas have two each. The World Champion White Sox have no players on the U.S. squad.

The participating nations don't have to finalize their rosters until March 2, the day before the first game and this roster is still subject to change, and of course, subject to a lot of commercial promotion.

Update - U.S. manager has already set up part of his pitching rotation. Jake Peavy will start the opener against Mexico and Dontrelle Willis will pitch the second game against Canada. I haven't found out who pitches against South Africa. That game is likely to be ended by the mercy rule so a lot of pitchers won't be needed.

2006-02-14 15:59:45
1.   Icaros
That US outfield isn't so hot. I can't believe there's room for the likes of Randy Winn.

Also, Huston Street changed the spelling of his first name to Houston in paragraph four.

2006-02-14 16:55:18
2.   Bob Timmermann
I will leave the "o" up as a badge of shame. So sad...
2006-02-14 18:50:33
3.   Icaros
We all make mistakes. Look at my parents.
2006-02-14 18:57:13
4.   Bob Timmermann
Of course I look at them. You stole the pictures of my parents in my apartment and replaced them with pictures of yours when you broke in last year.
2006-02-14 20:15:24
5.   Icaros
That's what we in the animal kingdom call marking our territory.
2006-02-14 20:54:52
6.   Suffering Bruin
I consider myself a relatively witty guy but I'm not competing with this pair.

Great, great, GREAT to see the name "Icaros" posting on a baseball blog. I'd stay and chat but:

a) I'm still a first year teacher and
b) I've been sick for a week.

I'm e-mailing Bob T. who will then hopefully e-mail you with my e-mail address.

Seriously, you guys crack me up.

2006-02-15 07:56:01
7.   Icaros
I'll keep an eye out for the e-mail, SB.

I've been away for awhile due to moving and starting a new job.

I'm looking forward to more fun this season.

2006-02-15 10:59:44
8.   Sam DC
Bob-- does it strike you as at all odd that, in the semifinals, the winner of pool 1 plays the runner up of pool 1 and the winner of pool 2 plays the runner up of pool 2. having just won your pool, it seems awkward to me that you then turn around and play the same team you just outplayed.

Not sure it matters, since it's not like you would get any particular advantage as a winner playing the runner up from the other pool, but it just seems counterintuitive.

And, oh, yes, I'm procrastinating again on your dime.

2006-02-15 12:56:30
9.   Bob Timmermann
I think it's set up that way to make a Final Four with the US, Japan and two Caribbean countries much more likely.
2006-02-15 18:23:43
10.   grandcosmo
I hope that Eric Chavez will use his snubbing by the U.S. team as motivation for a big 2006.

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