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Asia WBC update
2006-02-18 14:11
by Bob Timmermann has a report on the four Asian squads in the WBC.
To summarize it:

  • Taiwan (aka Chinese Taipei) has put Chien-Ming Wang on its 30-man roster although Wang has not said if he wants to play or if the Yankees will let him play. And there is this bombshell: The Chinese Professional Baseball League -- Taiwan's league, which is independent from mainland China .
    Just in case you weren't paying attention to world history for the past 60 or so years.

  • Some Japanese players are jealous that Shunsuke Watanabe is getting more attention than other pitchers on the Japanese team.

  • China (which is not Taiwan, did you know that? Good thing I have to keep me informed.) is having injury problems, which isn't going to help a team that will likely go 0-3 in the tournament.

  • Korea (this one, not this one) is dealing with one of its coaches, Dong-Yol Sun, who pitched in Japan, missing much of training because of the death of his father.

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