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The Washington Whatevers
2006-02-20 20:19
by Bob Timmermann

Murray Chass writes in the New York Times that the Washington Nationals may be in danger of losing the right to the name "Nationals".

It appears that an outfit called Bygone Sports owns the trademarks and wants a lot of money from MLB to give up the name.

So let's see, the team has no owner, no new stadium on the horizon, an unpleasant, self-righteous manager, Jose Guillen, Cristian Guzman AND Royce Clayton, Jim Bowden as GM.

Can't we just put this team out of its misery?

Ball Wonk weighs in on the matter.

2006-02-20 21:08:02
1.   das411
No, Bob, not until Mike has his 130-loss Marlins season to talk about forever.

Expect Jim Tracy to be suddenly managing an NL East team in 2007 though.

2006-02-20 21:21:32
2.   grandcosmo
Speaking of Frank Robinson, in the history of major league baseball only Jimmy Dykes has managed as many games as Robinson and had a worse winning percentage.
2006-02-20 21:55:37
3.   coachjpark
I have a student by the name of Cristian Guzman in my economics class and his current GPA mirrors the batting average of his Washington Nationals namesake...
2006-02-20 22:11:32
4.   coachjpark
Bob, any analysis or insight in Pool A (Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan). Would love to read thoughts on that...
2006-02-20 22:18:46
5.   Bob Timmermann
Since I'm the self-anointed expert around these parts on the WBC, I'll try to write up previews next week. Right now, I think Pool A should be Japan and Korea. China likely won't win a game and Taiwan will likely just beat China.

Figuring out the tournament won't be easy until the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico set their rosters.

2006-02-20 22:51:37
6.   das411
Don't forget about their two 2Bers also Bob, you may need to update that list...

5 - You mean those evil-yet-cool-looking Chinese hats won't win them at least one game? Not even through sheer intimidation?

2006-02-21 11:37:39
7.   misterjohnny
I hate companies that take advantage of patent/copyright laws. These guys owned the name to the Nationals, which had almost no value, since no team was currently called the Nationals. They reach an oral agreement with MLB(which is legally binding), then after MLB rolls out the new name, they try to hold MLB hostage for more money. Frickin' lawyers. Cheney needs to shoot more of them.

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