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WBC miscellany
2006-02-22 11:15
by Bob Timmermann

This may be updated throughout the day

  • David Dellucci will not play for the Italian team in the WBC. At least Dellucci considers himself Italian.
  • Ichiro is starting some trash talking against the Koreans. Or at least the Koreans think so. Japan and Korea have a history of engaging in disputes that are a bit beyond trash talking however. (Check your history books for the results of the Russo-Japanese War.)
  • Manny Ramirez may not play for the Dominican Republic. Which may really shake up the balance of power in the tournament.
  • Vernon Wells will likely sit out the first three games of the WBC with a leg injury.
  • Miguel Olivo of the Marlins won't play for the Dominican Republic, which means that the team's weakest position, catcher, will be even weaker. I say that because Miguel Olivo likely would have been the starting catcher.
  • B.J. Schecther of says the WBC is doomed to fail. But he's not alone and I don't have to time put up the links from everybody else who doesn't like the tournament: George Steinbrenner, Mike Downey, Buster Olney, the guy outside where I work who screams at airplanes....
  • The championship trophy for the WBC was unveiled in San Juan today by Tommy Lasorda. Baseball officials told Lasorda that eating 30 pounds of silver would be bad for his health.

2006-02-22 20:36:08
1.   coachjpark
Ichiro = jashik

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