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The post in which I cheap shot Jim Bowden and the Nationals again
2006-02-23 09:36
by Bob Timmermann

This article by Dave Sheinin in the Washington Post shows why it's easy to dislike Jim Bowden and the Washington Nationals.

As always, Bowden's predilection for two types of players -- "tools" players (those whom scouts grade highly in various athletic categories) and former Cincinnati Reds -- is in full effect this spring. Bowden's Cincinnati connections (he was general manager there from 1992 to 2003) led him this winter to former Reds such as [Michael] Tucker, [Ruben] Mateo and infielder Damian Jackson. Tucker and Jackson both have solid chances to make the team.

Tools? Suffice it to say that if the Nationals fail to construct a solid bench out of their collection of reclamation projects, perhaps they could field an excellent football team. Outfielder Kenny Kelly was once the starting quarterback for the University of Miami. Outfielder Tyrell Godwin was a running back and kick returner for the University of North Carolina. Outfielder George Lombard was a Parade all-American wide receiver who turned down a scholarship to Georgia, choosing baseball instead.

The Nationals say their prolific, bottom-feeding approach to player acquisitions this winter -- which also netted them veteran shortstop Royce Clayton, reliever Kevin Gryboski and infielder Marlon Anderson -- was the best way for a small- to mid-revenue team to try to compete in this marketplace.

Yes, the similarities between teams like the Twins and the A's compared to the Nationals is striking isn't it?

2006-02-23 11:22:10
1.   Chris Needham
Hate the GM (please!), but don't hate the team. It's not their fault they're run by incompetents.
2006-02-23 11:40:54
2.   Bob Timmermann
I have good friends who were Expos fans.
2006-02-23 14:16:53
3.   Sam DC article says maybe Bowden will trade Soriano for Willy Mo Pena because "Bowden has always believed that Pena has the potential of being a similar player to Sammy Sosa."

Sammy of which year?

2006-02-23 14:19:23
4.   Bob Timmermann
But the Reds have Tony Womack to play second base!
2006-02-23 14:40:34
5.   Shaun P
I'm sure Bowden is thinking two things re 3:

1. The Reds can shift Womack to LF to cover Wily Mo's departure, and play Sori at 2B.

2. Any right-thinking baseball person would KILL to have that kind of speed (Womack + Soriano) at the top of their lineup.

I heard Bowden on ESPN Radio Boston the other day, and I have to say, he's an incredibly articulate person, VERY well spoken. I was shocked, honestly, that this was the same guy who signed Cristian Guzman to a multi-year contract. My guess is sounding like he knows what he's doing is how he's kept his jobs through the years. His performance has rarely merited any kind of longevity.

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