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Dominican Republic cuts roster to 37
2006-02-24 18:59
by Bob Timmermann

The Dominican Republic team is hedging its bets a bit with its latest roster for the WBC.

There are 37 players on it.

Catchers: Sandy Martínez, Alberto Castillo, Miguel Olivo (he has said he doesn't want to play however), Juan Brito, Ronnie Paulino.

Pitchers: Miguel Batista, Daniel Cabrera, Bartolo Colón, Francisco Liriano, Dámaso Marte, Odalis Pérez, Fernando Rodney, Jorge Sosa, Duaner Sánchez, Julián Tavárez, Salomón Torres, Pedro Martínez, José Acevedo, José Valverde, Ervin Santana. Martinez wouldn't play until the second round if at all and Santana supposedly isn't going to play.

Infielders: Adrián Beltré, Luis Castillo, Pedro Féliz, David Ortiz, Albert Pujols, José Reyes, Alfonso Soriano, Miguel Tejada, Plácido Polanco, Ronnie Belliard.

Outfielders: Moisés Alou, Juan Encarnación, Vladimir Guerrero, Wily Mo Peña, Manny Ramírez, Willy Taveras, Sammy Sosa. Manny Ramirez's availablity is questionable, but the Dominicans are keeping the door open for him. Sosa's status is also questionable.

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