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2006-02-25 17:09
by Bob Timmermann

I could tell you about Aramis Ramirez dropping out of the WBC, but I've been too wrapped up in my new arrival.

No, I don't have a child. I just got adopted a cat a local animal shelter. So far he has spent his time hiding in my hall closet. Eventually I assume he will come out because he will want to eat. His name, for the time being, is Casey.

Rejected names:

  • Elmer
  • Grabowski
  • Ramsey
  • Vladimir

2006-02-25 17:37:03
1.   Vishal
at least make it Mighty Casey.
2006-02-25 17:41:49
2.   Andrew Shimmin
Casey, eh? Not after Sean, though, right?

Congratulations on the new cat, Bob. I like Elmer, though. The best cat I ever had was Kirby.

2006-02-25 17:48:02
3.   Bob Timmermann
He doesn't seem like an Elmer.

Casey is named after the Old Professor.

He can best be described as a lynx point. A term I did not know exist until today.

2006-02-25 18:14:54
4.   Vishal
i am in favor of historically/fictionally based cat names with titles. something like Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte or Madame Butterfly or General Patton.
2006-02-25 18:34:09
5.   Icaros
Perhaps Bob should wait for his cat to come out of the closet before deciding on a name.
2006-02-25 18:41:28
6.   Bob Timmermann
He could come out of the closet, but the lack of certain anatomical parts limits his decisions.
2006-02-25 18:46:22
7.   Icaros
I just hope you'll support whatever lifestyle he chooses.
2006-02-25 19:18:22
8.   Bob Timmermann
My closet is tolerant of all types. And it has a lot of places to hide in it too.
2006-02-25 19:20:48
9.   Andrew Shimmin
8- I hope it's got lots of ventilation and an easily cleanable surface. He's been in there quite a while. . .
2006-02-25 19:32:46
10.   Bob Timmermann
The door is open. He will come out when he's good and ready.

After the Northridge quake, my cat at the time disappeared behind the stove for about eight hours.

He's been through a lot today. And I think he can probably still smell my old cat's scent and he likely thinks there's someone out there.

2006-02-25 21:48:50
11.   Mark




2006-02-26 01:07:23
12.   Brendan
what kind of stove do you have, Bob? I can't imagine a cat getting behind any stove that wasn't a pot bellied one. I still think Nixon is a great name for a cat. why I think that I'm not real sure.
2006-02-26 04:18:44
13.   unmoderated

Little Jerry Seinfeld


Netscape (instead of Lynx)...

...why are you throwing tomatoes?

2006-02-26 08:04:06
14.   Vishal
[11] Lima Time is a GREAT cat name.
2006-02-26 08:15:08
15.   Bob Timmermann
I have a regular old gas oven/range. I think he likes the warmth and the darkness. He's still there this morning. Poor guy must be terrified.
2006-02-26 13:01:35
16.   Voxter
My current cat's name is Phoebe, after Holden Caulfield's sister. In the past, I've had Nomar, Moe, Norman (after Norman Bates -- that was one fucked up cat), and Rocky. But the best cat-name I ever heard was from my friend Sky, whose cat's name was Osiris.

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