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Venezuela loses Mora and Mexico loses Robles
2006-02-26 17:13
by Bob Timmermann

Melvin Mora of the Orioles has announced he won't be playing for Venezuela in the WBC because manager Luis Sojo wanted him to play center field and use Miguel Cabrera at third.

Mora said he would only move from third base for Edgardo Alfonzo, who will likely be playing second base for Venezuela.

Venezuela has a fairly good selection of outfielders to choose from (Bobby Abreu, Magglio Ordoñez, and Juan Rivera mainly), but none are good center fielders. Sojo may have to play the Endy Chavez card in center.

Also Oscar Robles decided not to play for Mexico after Grady Little hinted that he would likely lose his job to Ramon Martinez if he left camp. Grady Little will not be participating in the Viva Los Dodgers program this year I guess.

2006-02-26 21:08:11
1.   das411
So since Miggy could probably play a better CF than any of those jokers, Endy Chavez included, the choices are really:

1) Alfonzo 2B, Mora 3B, Cabrera CF
2) Alfonso 2B, Mora 3B, Chavez CF
3) Alfonso 3B, Mora CF, ....?? 2B

Maybe Cabrera and Mora can rotate around 3B like ARod and Ripken did at the 2001 All-Star game...or some other horrifying permutation I've missed like Endy Chavez playing second base. --shudder--

2006-02-26 21:30:33
2.   Bob Timmermann
Endy Chavez is lefthanded so he would be a scary second baseman.

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