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Cuba has a short list
2006-02-28 17:39
by Bob Timmermann

So I was doing my daily perusing of the People's Daily Online so I can keep up on officially sponsored Chinese news from Beijing.

They have an article on a short list of 35 players that Cuba has set for the WBC.

Of course this is the English language version of a Chinese paper. And it's likely that the press release was sent to them in Spanish. But I like this paragraph:
Trainers told the media that they had focused on striking the ball, a traditional Cuban weakness, often neglected on the island nation.

Prensa Latina, a Cuban site, lists the 35 players.

And what's the deal with Cubans and names that start with "Y".

Here are some of the first names: Yulieski, Yorelvis, Yoandry, Yoennis, Yuliesky, Yosvany, Yuniesky, Yadel and Yosvani.

2006-02-28 17:57:38
1.   Icaros
2006-02-28 18:02:29
2.   Bob Timmermann
Like Georges Braque?
2006-02-28 18:11:01
3.   Icaros
No, like JFK.
2006-02-28 18:14:11
4.   das411
Does Fidel have a short list?
2006-02-28 18:26:14
5.   Steelyeri
My name is yeri, names that start with y are weird.
2006-02-28 18:28:13
6.   Bob Timmermann
I have a feeling that Fidel had a hand in picking the team. I doubt George Bush helped out with the U.S. team. Unless we find out that Matt Holliday's father is a big GOP donor.
2006-02-28 18:28:36
7.   Icaros
Some people with particular accents pronounce my first name as Yason.

Does that count?

2006-02-28 18:30:44
8.   Bob Timmermann
The Cubans also have one guy named Juan, one game named Pedro, and two guys named Luis.

There aren't many English/German first names that start with Y are there?

2006-02-28 18:31:31
9.   Bob Timmermann
The only people who would say "Yason" are people who speak Mock Swedish.

Yupping Yiminy!

2006-02-28 18:55:55
10.   Icaros

Wouldn't Natasha (of Rocky and Bullwinkle's Boris and Natasha) pronounce it as Yason?

2006-02-28 19:05:05
11.   Ken Arneson
9 Or my mom.
2006-02-28 19:50:21
12.   Bob Timmermann
Yumpin' Yimminy!
2006-02-28 20:36:17
13.   tjshere
I don't think I want to be around trainers who focus on striking the ball. I walk kind of funny as it is.

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