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And Pedro Martinez is out of the WBC finally
2006-03-01 19:31
by Bob Timmermann is reporting (in Spanish) that Pedro Martinez will not pitch for the Dominican Republic team in the WBC.

Martinez has been battling a toe injury and hoped that he could join the Dominican team for the second round of games. However, the rules of the WBC don't allow teams to add players after the tournament has started, barring injuries.

So in one day, the Dominican Republic team lost Manny Ramirez, Vladimir Guerrero and Pedro Martinez. Which is likely to make the Venezuelan team happy.

The WBC kicks off Thursday night at 9:30/6:30 pm ET/PT with a game between Korea and Taiwan at the Tokyo Dome. Which will be 11:30 am Friday in Tokyo. The games in Tokyo on Saturday and Sunday will start at 11 am.

2006-03-01 23:03:45
1.   JeffinTokyo
I wouldn't be shocked if one or three fringe players on the current Domican roster suddenly come up with NBA type "injuries" if the team makes it to the second round.

I will try to go to one of the weekend games at Tokyo Dome. If so, I will report.

2006-03-01 23:06:06
2.   JeffinTokyo
Nice start to my 2006 postings: Dominican.
2006-03-01 23:15:43
3.   Bob Timmermann
The curious thing is if the games will be conducted in more or less the Asian style with organized cheering sections and bands or whether it will be more like an MLB game.

I would hope for the former.

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