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Japan-China wrapup
2006-03-03 10:53
by Bob Timmermann

Jim Allen of the Daily Yomiuri sums up Japan's 18-2 rout over China.

Interesting quote from Japanese manager Sadaharu Oh:

"The first, second and third Chinese pitchers were quite good, but after that, their lack of depth began to tell and what you saw was a result of that," Oh said.

"Actually, when I mentioned 'small baseball,' I was talking about when we go to California. I wasn't referring to the Asian round, where we have the most power. I didn't want to play little ball here. But once we go to the United States, we might have to change our tactics."

Oh knows not to waste outs when his team can hit the ball over the fence against inferior pitching.

Today, Korea plays China in the 6 pm game and Japan faces Taiwan Saturday morning at 1 am. (Pacific time)

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