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WBC Playing out the String Chat: Taiwan vs. China, 6 pm PT
2006-03-04 17:28
by Bob Timmermann

Live from the Tokyo Dome!

Taiwan came into the WBC with hopes of making it into the second round. China hoped not to be a total embarrassment. Both countries have come up short of the mark as they both lost games to Korea and Japan and neither team was able to get in a full 9 innings against the Japanese.

The political underpinnings are present, although there aren't likely going to be many fans at the Tokyo Dome to watch this one.

China will start Wang Nan on the mound today, but Taiwan hasn't settled on a starter. Taiwan manager Lin Hua-Wei tried eight different pitchers against Japan, but with little success.

In the FIFA World Cup, Taiwan didn't fare much better. The Taiawanese won a home-and-home qualifier against Macao and then in the first round of group play, they went 0-6 in their group that contained Uzbekistan, Palestine, and Iraq. China missed out on the FIFA World Cup when they lost out to Kuwait on total goals in the second round of Asian qualifying.


中国队炮火几乎停摆 再度战败

Final score: Taiwan 12, China 3

WP - Wei-Lun Pan
LP - Nan Wang
HR - Yung Chi Chen, a grand slam. Chen was 4 for 6 with 4 runs scored and 5 RBI

China goes through the tournament 0-3 and outscored 40-6. Taiwan finishes 1-2, but is outscored just 17-15. But that 2-run deficit came in a 2-0 loss to Korea that sealed their fate in the first game of the tournament.

2006-03-04 18:36:22
1.   Jose Habib
Looks like ESPN 2 is delaying this game until 11pm PT to show the Duke-UNC game (which is also being shown on ESPN.) with above-the-rim cameras.
2006-03-04 20:20:39
2.   Jon Weisman
Get your WBC OPS leaders right here!

Hitoshi Tamura is at 2.300 with two homers and five walks in 10 plate appearances.

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