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I think some people care (Japan-Korea WBC game reactions)
2006-03-05 08:34
by Bob Timmermann

Judging by this photo and accompanying story in the Korea Times, Korea's 3-2 win over Japan Sunday evening in Japan (early Suday morning in the U.S.) was a fairly big deal.

From the AP story in USA Today, Ichiro Suzuki wasn't too pleased.

"I feel ashamed of this defeat," the Seattle Mariners star said Sunday after the South Koreans upset Japan 3-2 to win Group A in the first round of the inaugural World Baseball Classic.


"If I was satisfied with my performance, I should quit baseball," Suzuki said.

Yahoo photo

2006-03-05 09:32:01
1.   Rob H
When does Hee Seop Choi get buried on the Korean bench?
2006-03-05 10:11:45
2.   joejoejoe
From the Korea Times:
"Major League pitcher Park Chan-ho sealed the come-from-behind victory, also South Korea's top spot in Group A competition, by retiring the final three Japanese batters for his second save in the inaugural tournament."

Maybe this tournament will give ML clubs ideas about position/role changes. Could Chan Ho Park be a good relief pitcher?

2006-03-05 10:25:54
3.   Bob Timmermann
Choi started all three games. He was pinch hit for late against China because the game was out of hand and late against Japan because the manager wanted a platoon advantage in a close game.

I wonder if Bruce Bochy is paying attention.

2006-03-05 11:57:34
4.   Bob Timmermann
I just watched the tape of Lee's homer. As Ishii's pitch is on its way, you can hear Darnell Coles' groan before the pitch gets to the plate because he can tell that it was a really fat pitch.
2006-03-05 14:55:49
5.   Andrew Shimmin
That groan was, by far, Coles' most useful contribution to the game. Although, I liked the part where, after learning that Korea was considering letting its WBC players out of their mandatory military service if they get to the semifinals, he spent thirty seconds explaing how valuable avoiding military service was. Then he spent five minutes explaining how he didn't really mean that, Dulce et decorum est, etc.
2006-03-05 17:46:45
6.   Saburo
Didn't get any better for Korea. They won the game AND nailed Ichiro with a HBP. What a humiliating moment for Japan!

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