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Team Canada hard at work, in a Canadian sort of way
2006-03-06 13:28
by Bob Timmermann

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun reports on the impromptu street hockey game played by Team Canada in Dunedin, Florida after finishing their daily workout.

Instead of Gatorade, they drank Molson Golden on the bench between shifts. Ryan Radmanovich's Shirts swept the best-of-three series by identical 5-3 scores over Justin Morneau's Skins.

Presumably, the Canadians will take it a bit more seriously in their opening game against South Africa in the WBC Tuesday at Scottsdale Stadium in Arizona. After all, Équipe Canada ne regarde pas au-delà du match d'ouverture.

As for Team USA, Al Leiter says he will likely retire after the WBC. Yankee fans weep no doubt.

2006-03-06 14:51:27
1.   Knuckles
That's a great story, so stereotypical it could have been written by someone on SNL. I wonder what the other WBC countries could do in the same vein.

US- watching American Idol on our fat asses and drinking Budweiser
Puerto Rico- reggaeton dancing and rum & cokes?
Japan- sumo and sake baby, yeah!
Australia- surfing and a slab of Cooper's stubbies
South Africa- rugby washed down by a nice Syrah
Dominican- street baseball (cardboard gloves) and ice cold Presidente
Mexico- futbol y Tecate
Venezuela- a boxing match and Polar
Netherlands- a strenuous hour of standing around being tall and blond, preceded by a snack of, um, brownies
Italy- same as Mexico, only more dramatic flopping, and a nice Chianti
Cuba- fomenting a revolution, aided by fresh mojitos

2006-03-06 14:57:55
2.   Bob Timmermann
So what is the Korean team doing?
2006-03-06 15:09:54
3.   unmoderated
>So what is the Korean team doing?

They are swept up in an impromptu LAN party and drinking delicious aloe juice.

2006-03-06 15:38:01
4.   Bob Timmermann
And we don't have an entry for Panama either.
2006-03-07 00:40:11
5.   JeffinTokyo
Team Panama is throwing darts at Mariano Rivera while drinking Atlas cervezas.

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