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WBC Game Chat: Dominican Republic vs. Cuba, 11 am PT
2006-03-13 14:00
by Bob Timmermann

Live from Hiram Bithorn Stadium! This should be on ESPN and ESPN Deportes.

The hard-hitting Dominican squad went down meekly Sunday night in a 7-1 loss to Puerto Rico, while Cuba, whom most people (people like me) thought to be overmatched, clobbered Venezuela 7-2.

So the D.R. squad is faced with a game it cannot afford to lose. Odalis Perez gets the call to start in this one. Cuba's starter remains a mystery. All we do know is that it won't be Yadel Marti or Pedro Lazo, both of whom have to sit for the rest of the second round because of pitch limits.

Perez is an emotional pitcher and D.R. manager Manny Acta is going to need to reign him and also advise him to not start out every Cuban hitter with a fast ball, as the Cubans jump on those with great relish.

Whomever gets the start for Cuba will have his hands full. The D.R. bats fell silent Sunday night, but the likes of Albert Pujols, David Ortiz, and Adrian Beltré won't stay quiet for long. Beltré is tied with Korea's Seong Yeop Lee for the WBC high in home runs with four.

Although second baseman Yulieski Gourriel has been impressing MLB scouts with his play, the big hitter for Cuba has been DH Yoandy (or Yoandry) Garlobo, who is 6 for 11 in the WBC.


Dominican Republic 7, Cuba 3

WP -- Odalis Perez
LP -- Vicyohandry Odelin
Save -- Fernando Rodney
HRs -- David Ortiz (his 3rd), Yulieski Gourriel (his 2nd)

The Dominican Republic bounced back from a disappointing loss to win fairly easily over Cuba. The D.R. squad parlayed two crucial errors by Cuba into three unearned runs.

Michel Enriquez of Cuba had a day to forget. He went 0 for 4, grounded into two double plays, lined into a third double play and made an error.

2006-03-13 10:26:41
1.   Bob Timmermann
Polanco 2B
Tejada SS
Pujols 1B
Ortiz DH
Alou LF
Beltre 3B
Encarnacion RF
Paulino C
Taveras CF
O Perez P

Paret SS
Enriquez 3B
Gourriel 2B
Urrutia RF
Garlobo DH
Cepeda LF
Pestano C
Borrero 1B
Tabares CF
Odelin P

Odelin pitched in relief against Panama and gave up 3 runs in 3 2/3 IP.

2006-03-13 11:06:15
2.   Sam DC
It is on Espn.
2006-03-13 11:17:34
3.   Sam DC
So, is baseball played/popular in Haiti, or just the DR?
2006-03-13 11:25:36
4.   Sam DC
Adrian Beltre would have gotten that. Er . . .
2006-03-13 11:25:46
5.   Bob Timmermann
I don't believe they play baseball at all in Haiti, being French and all that.

Haiti did qualify for the World Cup of Soccer back in 1974. They were helped out by having all the qualifying matches held in Haiti. No doubt Papa Doc Duvalier slipped some bucks to the right people to get that arranged.

The Dominican Republic looks like Dubai when it's compared to Haiti.

2006-03-13 11:26:36
6.   Bob Timmermann
Be careful here. As Steve Phillips says, "When Cuba gets a runner on, they want him to score."

Unlike the other teams.

2006-03-13 11:27:15
7.   For The Turnstiles
The WBC site lists Garlobo's first name as "Yoandy" but I've also seen it listed as "Yoandry," and now "Yolandy," (here) and "Yolandry" (in a game recap on Yahoo).
2006-03-13 11:30:54
8.   Sam DC
ESPN is using a Yoandry in its graphic while he's at bat.
2006-03-13 11:31:20
9.   Bob Timmermann
You can count on me having a typo.

The Cubans have a lot of guys whose name's start with Y.

Gameday has "Yoandy", so maybe I should make a correction.

But when I go from English language to Spanish language sites, some players names change. There's Jeremy Gonzalez and Geremi Gonzalez. There's also Omar Vizquel and Omar Visquel. Vinny Castilla and Vinicio Castilla.

And don't get me started on the Korean names.

2006-03-13 11:58:15
10.   Bob Timmermann
Adios Vicyohandry! We never even learned how to pronounce your first name.
2006-03-13 12:07:26
11.   Bob Timmermann
I don't think giving the D.R. extra outs is a good idea. Or two free runs.
2006-03-13 12:25:20
12.   Bob Timmermann
Five runs on just three hits for D.R. Two bad errors for Cuba.
2006-03-13 12:57:16
13.   xaphor
After the Ortiz HR clip, I would trade the ESPN commentators for those over at Desportes any day of the week. And my Spanish comprehension is likened to Guzman's English, based solely on fast food commercials.
2006-03-13 13:26:48
14.   Bob Timmermann
The outlook isn't brilliant for the Cuban Nine this day ...
2006-03-13 14:57:43
15.   Shaun P
At least it wasn't until the 9th inning started . . .
2006-03-13 15:03:47
16.   Shaun P
Perhaps I typed too soon. At least according to GameDay, it looked like Pedroso swung at ball four. And with Garlobo and Cepada due up next. Oh well.

BTW, GameDay has Pedroso's name as "Joan Carlos" - that's a typo, right?

2006-03-13 15:38:19
17.   Bob Timmermann
"Joan Carlos" wouldn't be a misprint if it's a Spanish name.

If so, Joan Miro would have been a woman.

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