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WBC Game Chat: Cuba vs. Puerto Rico, 4 pm PT
2006-03-15 17:00
by Bob Timmermann

Live from Hiram Bithorn Stadium! This game is scheduled to be shown live on ESPN Deportes only.

For the second straight day in San Juan, there will be an elimination game to decide one of the semifinalists. Both Cuba and Puerto Rico are 1-1 and the winner moves on to play the Dominican Republic Saturday in San Diego.

When these two teams met last Friday, Puerto Rico embarrassed Cuba with a 12-2 win that was shortened to seven innings by the mercy rule. Cuba bounced back from that loss to defeat Venezuela in its first game of the second round, but then lost to the Dominican Republic.

Puerto Rico handed the Dominican Republic its only loss of the tournament Sunday, but was shut out by Venezuela Monday.

Dicky Gonzalez should get the start for Puerto Rico. Gonzalez pitches for the Tokyo Yakult Swallows and is a former Mets farmhand. Cuba's starting pitcher is not known at this time, keeping with the team's practice of not giving out a lot of information about anything.

The degree to which certain players are injured will play a role. Carlos Delgado has missed the first five games for Puerto Rico with tendinitis in his left elbow. If he can come back, his bat could change the dynamics of the Puerto Rico offense. Cuban second baseman Yulieski Gourriel left his team's loss to the Dominican Republic in the eighth inning after being hit by a pitch. If he can't play, Cuba would be in serious trouble.

A sellout crowd is expected for the last game in San Juan to see whether the Dominican Republic plays its island neighbors to the west (Cuba) or the east (Puerto Rico).

And if the flags confuse you, remember that Cuba has the blue triangle with the red and white stripes, while Puerto Rico has the red triangle with the blue and white stripes.

As an added wrinkle, if the game is tied after 14 innings, it will end in a tie.

So who would advance to the semis? The head-to-head tiebreaker wouldn't matter. The runs allowed tiebreaker wouldn't matter. The earned runs allowed tiebreaker would matter if somebody gives up an unearned runs. After that it would be which ever team had the higher batting average during the game. If that ended up identical, it would be a coin toss.

2006-03-15 16:20:24
1.   Humma Kavula
So, wait... if Bob is behind the Orange Curtain, who will be our host for the Japan/Korea game?
2006-03-15 19:05:08
2.   Ken Arneson
At least the ump got the call right this time, when the Cuban manager got tossed.
2006-03-15 19:21:20
3.   Ken Arneson
Heckuva relay by the Cubans there. That's exciting baseball.
2006-03-15 19:26:42
4.   das411
Wow, ESPN's trend of horrendous non-coverage of the WBC continues, I am not getting either game here until 1am and then it will be a replay of the Cuba/PR game that is already almost over.

It might be time to bite the bullet and just pay

2006-03-15 19:39:34
5.   Ken Arneson
Carlos Delgado coming up to pinch hit, down 4-3, one runner on. Here's your WBC Kirk Gibson moment...
2006-03-15 19:41:01
6.   Ken Arneson
OK, it's a single, not a homer, but it's still a pretty cool moment...
2006-03-15 19:42:28
7.   kngoworld
Thats pretty cool.
2006-03-15 19:44:28
8.   kngoworld
Bases loaded… Excitement
2006-03-15 19:45:17
9.   Ken Arneson
Another controversial call. But the umps were right again. Bases loaded...
2006-03-15 19:47:35
10.   kngoworld
Bummer! DP
2006-03-15 19:48:04
11.   Ken Arneson
Double play! Cuba still leads!

Cintron should have swung at that 1-0 pitch, that was a pitch to hit in the air. With two strikes, he had to swing at that low pitch, and GIDPed.

2006-03-15 19:54:47
12.   Ken Arneson
going to the bottom of the ninth now, cuba still up 4-3. gotay, bernie williams, and ivan rodriguez due up.
2006-03-15 19:59:01
13.   Sam DC
down to bernie and pudge . . .
2006-03-15 20:00:14
14.   kngoworld
What drama...
2006-03-15 20:03:39
15.   Sam DC
down to pudge. meanwhile, Hee-Seop Choi has popped out twice in the scoreless Korea/Japan game.
2006-03-15 20:08:36
16.   Ken Arneson
Cuba wins!
2006-03-15 20:19:37
17.   Sam DC
Viva Cuba!

(can you say that?)

2006-03-15 22:05:34
18.   aixa
Okay, I must admit my Puerto Rican team beat the crap out of CUBA on Friday with that 12 to 2 lead. Tonight, I have no idea what the heck happened to us. This is a true disappointment to us Puerto Ricans that we got our "a$$es" kicked by CUBA in our own turf. How did this happen. I have no freaking idea. All I know is that the games are over and unfortunately Puerto Rico won't be playing against Dominican Republic on Saturday. May the best team win.

Also, not sure who went ahead and wrote out the descriptions to the flags up above earlier but sweetie, you got it all wrong. If only you would have taken the time to look at the pictures of the flags by clicking on the blue links themselves. Puerto Rico's flag has the BLUE TRIANGLE AND RED AND WHITE STRIPES & Cuba has the RED TRIANGLE AND THE BLUE AND WHITE STRIPES.

Get it RIGHT!!!!!!!!!

2006-03-15 23:14:36
19.   Bob Timmermann
Well at least somebody read that part ...

Sorry about that...

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