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Al Leiter finally retires!
2006-03-19 13:38
by Bob Timmermann

Huzzahs come up from the Tri-State Area as Yankee fans know that Joe Torre will now longer be able to put Al Leiter into a game anymore.

Leiter did have a good career prior to last year, but stubbornly held on and forced people to watch him throw 100 pitches in 5 inning starts. Leiter was on the USA team for the WBC and pitched 2/3 of an inning in the loss to Canada and gave up two runs. After that, even Buck Martine wouldn't think of putting him in a game.

Perhaps Leiter can start his rumored political career in New Jersey now. Or become one of baseball's new talking heads. He can be the yin to Tim McCarver's tempestuous yang.

2006-03-19 16:23:48
1.   coachjpark
Al Leiter ruined my team last year in an NL-only fantasy baseball league. Even though he kept on getting rocked, I incorrectly applied the law of averages to his ERA perhaps due to the lack of options available on the waiver wires.

I should have just dropped Leiter and cut my losses but I incorrectly thought that Leiter's "veteran power" would yield at least some good outings...

2006-03-19 16:48:22
2.   Bob Timmermann
My condolences to you.

Leiter was Russ Ortiz-annoying to me last year.

2006-03-19 17:30:17
3.   Linkmeister
I heard him doing post-season ball a couple of years ago and decided he was by far the best ex-jock I'd ever heard doing baseball TV work. (I say baseball because there are a few ex-football players who are pretty good at broadcasting their former sport.)
2006-03-19 22:18:32
4.   Adam B
I did a dance about that. I think Leiter is a good person, but besides his good start against the Red Sox, he was awful last year. I wish him success in future endeavors, especially if it involves kicking one of the following people out of their baseball analyst/commentator jobs: Joe Morgan, Tim McCarver, John Kruk

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